BMC to Go Private

BMC Software - BladeLogic SpecialistsBack in May, BMC Software announced that it was to be bought by a private investment firm.  You can read about the deal on this page, but you’ll only find the facts of the deal here.  Since the deal was announced, many of my clients have approached me to ask what I think this will mean for the software that they supply.  Since so many people kept asking this question, I thought a post might be helpful to others.

Having previously worked at BMC, I appreciate only too well the pressures that come each quarter from the financial markets.  The goal is always to maximise return on investment for the shareholders and it often felt as if this was at the expense of long-term value for the customers, as well as being at the expense of the staff.  Whilst we could all understand why this pressure came to bear, it was still hard to swallow – especially when we could see the products suffering.

Take BladeLogic as a prime example.  With the push for maximum profits, the rate of development became so extreme that new features were being added at the expense of quality.  This meant that although customers were receiving the new functionality that they were demanding, they were hitting many other problems where elements of the software had maybe not been tested as thoroughly as they could have been.  This was really frustrating for those of us working directly with the customers and always seemed short-sighted.

With this announcement to privatise the company, BMC now have the opportunity to reverse this trend and start focusing once more on the high quality software on which the company was built.  Speaking to some of the produce management team, this is clearly their internal goal and I believe that their customers (and those of us who work with the software for a living) will ultimately benefit.